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Memorable Western Mongolian Horse Riding Adventure Travels

How would you like to have a REAL adventure? One that will become one of your fondest memories with each retelling of your story…

You don’t have to be a hard core adventurer, just curious and excited by the unexpected. Our small group tours travel in Western Mongolia and offer you the opportunity to get off the beaten track.You can explore the countryside and different Mongolian cultures. Here’s your chance to cast yourself in the mould of Genghis Khan – horseback riding in the wilds of Mongolia.No fences, no roads, just you, your Mongolian horse and mother nature from horizon to horizon. In Mongolia you have the chance to step into (and really live) a horse riding culture that is millennia old.
Here is how the Pazyryks (a strong Eurasian Western Altai based horse civilisation) decorated their horses over 2500 years ago. This clip is from “Aravt” – the visuals and scenery are stunning.

You don’t have to be an experienced rider because you will become a seasoned rider too, and have tons of fun doing it.
All our adventure travel beginners are happy to gallop along with the experts by the end of a trek.On your horse riding holiday in Mongolia we go to great lengths to discover the little known, we immerse ourselves in extraordinary places, we learn to understand new cultures and investigate nature first hand.

Our Mongolian and Kazakh friends are not just great herders and animal managers, they are also expert hunter gatherers and know the countryside intimately.
Here are some advantages of a horseback adventure tour with Bearvalley Adventures.


Because You travel on horse back with local Mongolians, you will get to meet and stay with their relatives in traditional accommodations, either a family get or a winter house made of mud bricks and earth.
Depends on what time of year we travel.

You will get an inside look at a living horse culture that has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Genghis Khan could ride with us, and feel right at home (although the solar panels outside most gers and homes these days might intrigue him a bit).

Todays Mongolians have benefited from four generations of education, and many herders also have degrees. It is fascinating to be welcomed into a Ger and find the owner sitting cross legged on the floor doing his accounts in a bound ledger book.

Rural Mongolians will be just as curious about you, your family and how you live your life, as you are about them.

Our guides are all local folks, and will share insights that only people who are intimately connected to the countryside can know.
There are always new surprises – isn’t that what adventure travel should be all about?

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You can live your story and create outstanding memories that will last your lifetime. When you set off on a Bearvalley Adventures horse riding trek you experience adventure in all meanings of the word.

Challenges can be physical. Like the time we were delayed in the mountains by a pass full of snow, and were in the saddle for 12 hours in freezing conditions.

That was also a mental challenge for many folks on that trip, but we survived to tell the tale.

Riding in the half moonlight with the horses picking their own way over rocky terrain while we rode slack reined was something most experienced riders will never get to do, let alone beginners. Is that an adventure? If you expect the unexpected then sure enough, it is . . .

Following an elk trail in dense forest one time we actually got lost. Well sort of. We knew the general direction, but a swift flowing river blocked the path and we had to try a number of places before we found a safe ford. Some adventurers got wet feet the water was so deep.

Socks dry, but the happy memories last forever.


The key to having a great cultural and personal experience lies in the flexibility afforded inside a small group.

Most folks are like minded in what they want as an outcome for an entire horseback trip.

Since our groups are never more then ten riders (some companies offer 15-20 places in a short form horse riding tour), we can make route changes, and other ad hoc adjustments to what we are doing day to day. we can be flexible in how we ride our horses from area to area, and we can enjoy every place we visit in depth, especially if you are into photography or video.

In this way you get to take advantage of many un-forseen invitations and opportunities that always seem to arise in our adventure travels through Western Mongolia. Meet an eagle hunter – he might just let you fly the bird. You could be introduced to a pet wolf.

There are always surprises.

So book an adventure trip to Western Mongolia – be surprised and delighted. And live your story . . .

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